Shandong Qihe Bio Technology Co., Ltd


        Shandong Qihe Bio Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, with a registered capital of 47.8552 million. RMB Yuan, it is located in Zichuan Economic Development Zone, ZiboCity, mainly engaged in research and development, production, demonstration, promotion, processing, sales and export business of edible fungi. It is the key leading enterprise of the provincial agricultural industrialization, the top ten leading enterprises in the edible fungi industry of Shandong province, and has been rated as "national vegetable standard garden", "national agricultural standardization demonstration zone""national spark plan undertaking unit", “demonstration unit of popularization and application of rural informationization in Shandong province" and so on. Listed on the new three boards in May 2016 and securities code was 837204. By 2016, the total assets of the Company were 500 million yuan.

The company has led the development of the domestic edible fungi industry, has become a standing director unit of the Chinese Edible Fungi Association, the vice president unit of Shandong Edible Fungi Association, the Chairman of the Shandong Edible Fungi Association, the president of Edible Fungi Association in Zibo City. At present, the company covers an area of more than 1500 acres of edible fungi production base, has built more than 500 lentiuns edodes solar greenhouses, the letinous edodes factory production workshop of 30000 square meters, pleurotus eryngii production workshop of 35,000 square meters. At present, the company has an annual output of 40 million of letinous edodes sticks, exporting to Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Canada and other countries, with the annual export earnings of $20 million US dollars; 30 tons daily product of pleurotus eryngii, selling the products to domestic various supermarkets and wholesale markets, such as Qingdao, Jinan, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Beijing etc..The product is in short supply.

        The company has successively introduced the world advanced edible mushroom CNC system, built the domestic leading edible fungus environment intelligent control production line, realized automatic stirring, automatic bagging, continuous sterilization, aseptic inoculation and other production processes, the large- scale production, industrialization and labor efficiency of edible fungi have been greatly improved, and a complete production system from the bacteria management to the product has been established and improved.

The company has won obtained three international invention patents, seven utility model patents and one appearance design patent. We have won one first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Shandong Province, two Urban Science and Technology Progress Awards.

        There are 800 employees in the company. Among them, there are 45 technicians, 15 persons with high professional title, 20 persons with medium professional title. The company has more than 50 persons with college degree or above, 25 persons with bachelor degree or above, 10 persons with postgraduate degree. Staff is young and strong and its team is stable. The company has established a R&D center for the production of fungi, and also established cooperative relations with colleges and universities such as Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong Agricultural University and Qingdao Agricultural University, adopting the method of independent R&D, introduction and absorption, Industry-University-Research co-construction etc., and hire high-level experts and professors to ensure the leading position of enterprise technical level in the same industry.

        The company has established a modern enterprise management system, good manufacturing practice of agriculture, through the GAP, HACCP quality management system, product quality traceability system certification, and it has taken a constructive step in target management, quantitative management and performance appraisal, and achieved remarkable results.

ished and improved.

        In recent years, relying on scientific and technological progress, relying on domestic resources and manpower advantage, the company has vigorously implemented "Going Global " Strategy, in succession, eight subsidiaries and nine production bases have been set up in Korea, Japan and the United States: in Korea, it has become the largest importer of edible fungi in South Korea, accounting for 50% of the market share; in Japan, the production of Seven-River Lentinus edodes is 20% higher than that in Japan, and has strong local market competitive advantage; in the United States, four subsidiaries have been established, and the export of Lentinus edodes is the first place in the United States; in Germany, through EU product import standards, it is popular in the local market; in Canada, it becomes the main character on dining table due to its delicious taste. It has successfully implemented the industrialized operation mode of "domestic producing bacteria, foreign exporting mushroom and fresh mushroom selling in local market". It not only to promote domestic farmers to become rich, but also can promote the cultivation of edible fungi through the employment of foreign local farmers, so as to improve the economic benefits of local farmers and promote the development of local agriculture, create a stable and positive environment for the development of the company in the foreign countries, and strive to make the "seven rivers" brand into an international well-known brand.

        At present, the Company is in accordance with the “Company+Base+Co-operative+Peasant " mode of production and operation, , the market-oriented, based on the base as the center, with the cooperative as the link, the radiation drives the surrounding farmers to produce and grow  edible fungi, and develop the public welfare undertakings, and establish a perfect benefit coupling mechanism with the farmers."


        In the future, the company will rely on the good reputation of its own products in the international market, to increase investment, implement new projects, launch new products, expand and occupy domestic market and international market. Constantly to expand the scale, produce and process various kinds of edible fungi, dried products, processing products and so on, so that to achieve various variety and full range of product, gradually build up a domestic edible fungus product distribution center with a certain scale.